The 1st Thomas Generation- Ted & Beth Thomas
Andrew Lyle Thomas
born Friday, May 8th, 1987 - died Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Our beloved son and brother was born in Williamsburg, VA and lived in a mobile home park for his first year, while his dad ran a remodeling business and his mom and sister Sarah looked after him at home. In 1988 he moved to Chenoweth Farm near Shelbyville, KY, where he lived until his death. He began his schooling at Chenoweth Academy, where he was taught by his mother, Beth Thomas. Other than one year at Covenant Christian Academy in Louisville (now Covenant Classical Academy), he was home schooled through grade school and high school until his graduation in June, 2005. After a mission trip to help build a Christian school in Mexico, he found a job as a night security guard at a local auto parts plant, where he worked to earn money for college. His plan was to attend college in 2006 & get a degree in a security-related field.

Andrew had many interests and achievements, including:
    -as a child he starred in a grade school play called “The Self-Control Kid's Patrol”

    -he was a founding member of Community Presbyterian Church, where he sang in the choir and played in the orchestra for a number of years

    -he also attended the youth group at the Centenary UMC in Shelbyville, where he sometimes played drums in a praise band

    -throughout high school he was a tenor in the Louisville Youth Choir

    -he was the first recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award for the 2004-2005 LYC season

    -he was taped singing in a sextet during an LYC concert in early 2005, and the concert was later broadcast for the public on KET-TV Channel 15.

    -he attended and completed a TeenPact 101 course in State Politics and Government in May, 2005 in Frankfort, KY

    -at TeenPact he got an award for the highest class grade in completion of his homework and tests

    -he joined a team for his first foreign mission trip in June, 2005

    -he loved the Louisville Skate Park and spent many hours there practicing in-line skating

    -he borrowed a set of drums from his uncle and often played them furiously, breaking many sticks in the process

    -he sometimes served as a recording engineer for a band in Louisville

    -his other interests included Yu-gi-oh trading cards, chess and making flame throwers with cans of starting fluid(!)

Having grown up in a Christian home and being mostly home schooled, Andrew had a very close relationship with all his sisters (Sarah, Lydia and Serena), and he will be very sorely missed by them. He was always full of fun and laughter (except when he had to clean up his room) and he could light up any conversation with a joke or impersonation. Though he had his failings and sins, he always took his faith seriously, and when challenged to do better for Jesus' sake, he would make the effort.

If you would like to help us remember Andrew, here are some things you can do:
    -make a contribution in his name to the Mission Trip Fund of Community Presbyterian Church (13902 Factory Lane, Louisville, KY 40245 502-241-6600) so that others can go to foreign mission fields and share God's grace and plan of salvation as he did.

    -share with us, his family, any thoughts or stories you know about Andrew. You can do this by e-mail or letter, or you can fill out the contact form on this site by clicking here.

Finally, here are some favorite pictures of our son. He still lives, because Jesus lives, but for now we must wait to see him again.

With his friend David Atkins in Mexico.

                                                    With a baby duckie at Farmer's Supply.

                            Our happy son as  we hope to remember him.